Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love,Romance and Heartbreak in two movies

I'm not really sure under what category this article really falls under. I've just tried to put into the words,the ramblings of my mind after watching two movies. Two slightly bittersweet romantic comedies - 'He's Just Not That Into You' and '500 Days of Summer’, which have a slight common thread running between them.

He's Just Not That Into You' has nine characters and deals with their romantic troubles. I’m going to skip all of them except for the central character Gigi. You may ask why. I guess she's the only one who captured my interest.Gigi has a long history of mis-interpreting signals from the men she dates. Any casual act by one of her love interests  always sends her into fits of obsessing over if this means  that they're interested in her. She meets Alex, a canny bar-manager, who is able to point out all her past mistakes of mis-reading signals. He tells her that if a guy is really interested in a woman, he would make no excuses and would definitely pursue her. It’s when he isn't, that he offers lame excuses. She starts following his advice, but also ends up falling for him. When he learns of her interest, he tells her that he is not interested in her, and that she has ended up misreading his motives once again.

I guess this movie just set me off to think a bit. I guess I'm addressing this question to everybody. How many times have you done this? Misunderstood some casual expression of interest by your crush/love interest and ended up obsessing over it. Will he ever call? Because she smiled at me, does this mean she interested in me? And the best part is, we end up discussing this with our friends, who confuse us even further. They assure us that our assumptions are true, and throw in a few stories where some similar couple got together. Rarely, would your friends(or in many cases. ourselves) be willing to point out the bald truth that 'He Just Not That Into You’. Isn’t it just as important to admit to yourself when your love interest is not interested in you, as it is to get the inkling that somebody is falling for you?
'500 Days of Summer' declares that it's a 'boy meets girl story’. But it adds a warning 'That this is no love story'. Tom, a writer in a greeting card company falls heavily for his  beautiful and quirky co-worker Summer. They start getting romantically involved with each other, despite Summer warning Tom that she does not want a serious relationship and does not believe in love. Summer splits up with Tom eventually. This sends Tom in a sinking depression and he is desperate to get her back. He meets Summer some days later at a friend's wedding party and she invites him to a party at her house. Tom has a lot of expectations from this invite, as he thinks the romance is getting re-kindled. At Summer's party however, he discovers that Summer is engaged to be married. He runs out of the party and enters into a deep depression. He eventually recovers, and meets Summer a few weeks later. She explain that she had  unexpectedly ended up falling in love with somebody. And that she actually now believed in love. She had just been too unsure of her feelings when she had been with him, to return his love. Tom accepts this, and moves on with his life.

There comes a point in many relationships, where things may start to cool off .One person might not be into the relationship, while the other could be. And sometimes relationships just end up dying a natural death, without any big event to cause the breakup. Beautiful while they last, but with an expiry date nevertheless. In today's lingo, this translates to a facebook relationship status of 'It's complicated'.

So why do you think people still want to fall in love? Well, I think because it's an amazing feeling. Nothing else can really compare to it. And, that's perfectly OK in my book. Because making a fool of yourself over love, is just one of the paths to self-discovery. If you don't let yourself ever take risks, what kind of  a life would you ever have? Safe and boring. That will definitely stop appealing to you at some time in your life. So what am I really rambling about. Well. ..Go and fall in love ...experience it's magic. It’s alright to get your heart broken. You can pick yourself up and heal again.If he/she's not into you? Well…just try again :)

P.S: In case you wanted to know. Gigi and Alex get together finally. Alex realizes he loves her, after she rejects him. Dumb ending in my opinion.


  1. wow, really cool blogs coming from an amateur, keep it going and expecting more candid stuff in future, hope you know what I mean :-)

  2. Thanks Sivakanth :) I will live upto my tagline of being vandyuncensored :D